The study of English, and the broader concept of literacy, is about the appropriate and effective use of language, the use of language as a means of learning and the development of knowledge about language. Active and effective participation in Australian society and the global community depends on involving students in reading, viewing, listening, writing, creating, comparing, researching and talking with confidence, purpose and enjoyment. Critical approaches to the ideas and thinking contained in texts and the development of critical understanding about the ways writers and speakers control language to influence their listeners, readers and viewers is integral to the teaching of literacy.

The Literacy Program is a major focus at Quarry Hill PS from Years Prep to 6. An essential part of this program is the school's commitment to a two hour block of literacy teaching and learning each day. Children develop literacy skills and understandings as a whole class and in small groups with the teacher.

We are committed to ensuring that all children have opportunity to become proficient in their literacy skills.  The Reading Recovery program assists students at a Grade 1 level who have been identified as needing additional assistance in their literacy learning. Within classrooms, teachers support students in their literacy learning and extend capable students.


Numeracy covers the strands of Mathematics, including number, space and shape, measurement, working mathematically and chance and data. Students are engaged in a mathematics block daily. Many different aids and resources are used by classroom teachers to develop understanding and ensure students reach their full potential. Some resources used in the classroom include; M.A.B blocks, counters and unifix, 2D and 3D shape blocks, geoboards, tangrams, calculators, various measurement apparatus and the use of various interactive computer maths activities to enhance and enrich the classroom program.


The focus of Integrated Inquiry is to investigate the What and How. Investigations about our world are explored through challenging, meaningful integrated curriculum topics using the inquiry process. Teachers at our school plan integrated curriculum units that foster inquiry and the child’s sense of wondering.

Children participate in a range of learning opportunities that cater for different learning styles and interests, e.g. hands on, ICT, kinaesthetic and higher order thinking tasks. Relevant and meaningful excursions and incursions are a significant part of the inquiry process.


To help prepare students for future study demands, the school's policy is to set tasks for students to complete at home from school commencement. In the early years, homework involves children taking home books to read with their parents or other family members every day. In the middle and upper school, tasks in addition to regular reading may be set. The children will only be given work that they can manage, thus providing them with the opportunity to practise a skill, develop sound organisational habits and to share their learning with their parents. 

The time expectation varies, from five to ten minutes for young children up to thirty or forty minutes for Grade 6 children. The frequency and volume of homework is the responsibility of the class teacher.


At Quarry Hill PS ICT is used to access, process, manage and present information; construct new understanding; and communicate with others. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards, desktop computers or netbooks and digital cameras. The school also has a bank of 24 iPads for use across the classes. Children are able to readily access this technology for their learning throughout the school day. Children are taught responsible use of ICT and develop an awareness of appropriate protocols through cybersafety lessons.


Quarry Hill Primary School values the need for students to develop a healthy lifestyle.  Students are involved in classroom discussions and activities revolved around this healthy lifestyle.  At the junior (p-2) level students mainly concentrate on fine motor skills such as throwing and catching, while at the senior level students apply these skills to larger games and activities.  Whole school P.E. activities at Quarry Hill include:

  • Swimming Program at Bendigo East Swimming Pool
  • Gym Program at Jetts Gym
  • Whole school athletics at Bendigo Flora Hill Athletics Track
  • Inter-school athletics at Bendigo Flora Hill Athletics Track
  • Cross Country at the Ken Wust Oval
  • 3 – 6 interschool Cross Country at the Bendigo Race Course
  • Various other interschool sports days for the senior students include; Football, Netball, Soccer, Kanga 8’s, tennis
  • Various Clinics held within the school by outside professionals such as; Bendigo Braves Basketball, AFL football, Volleyball, Kanga 8’s, Hockey