Room 01

Welcome to Room 1


Thursday 14th April: Prep – 2 Helpers Reading Information Session 6:30pm– 7:30pm
Wednesday 20th April: Author Study Incursion
Thursday 5th May : School Photos
Friday 6th May: PFA Mother’s Day Stall

Welcome to Term 2! Once again we are in for a busy term. We have an Author Study Incursion, School Photos and the Mother’s Day stall to look forward to this term.

Our Class Rules are:
1. Do your best
2. Help others succeed
3. Respect your environment

If someone is bothering you rule:
1. Keep working
2. Move away
3. Ask for help

Room 1 Term 2 Weekly Timetable
Art: Monday: 9am – 1oam.
Chinese: Tuesday: 2:30pm – 3:00pm
PE: Tuesday: 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Music: Wednesday: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Library: Friday 12noon – 1pm


Literacy: READING
This term the students will be involved in many learning activities focussed around developing specific reading strategies and knowledge. We will be specifically focussing on developing and strengthening our comprehension strategies.
This term in reading we are learning how to:
 Figure out something that wasn’t completely explained in the story. (Making inferences)
 Make connections to personal experiences through text to self, text to text and through text to world. (Making Predictions)
 Pause at the end of a sentence, paragraph or page to think about what we have read and what this means to you.( Synthesizing)
 Search a variety of sources in order to select appropriate information to answer questions, define words and terms, clarify misunderstandings, solve problems, or gather information. (Search For and Use Information)

Literacy: WRITING:

In writing this term we are continuing to learn how to:
 retell a series of events and use time connective to sequences and join our events in order,
 describe the characteristics or features of an object, thing or person using a variety of descriptive sentences,
 compose an explanation text to describe a process.

Each day students are involved in a one hour Numeracy session. This term the Grade 1 and Grade 2 children will be placed into a specific teaching and learning group based on their specific teaching and learning needs.
The teaching and learning focus for each group will be around:
 Number facts & Addition facts/problems,
 Recognising, modelling, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 1000,
 Measuring length, volume and capacity,
 Linking addition to subtraction,
 Using Australian money to make $2.00 in various ways,
 Learning about 3D Shapes Sides, Corners and Faces,
 Exploring Number patterns,
 Chance and Data,
 Exploring the concepts of Position and interpreting, and using Maps.

Home Reading
I strongly encourage families to continue their nightly home reading with their children. Strong reading progress occurs through both a consistent home and school reading program. Don’t forget to ask your child to tell you what they have read so that they are also developing their comprehension skills. Each week your child will be sent home information about what reading strategies we are focusing on within the teaching and learning program. It will provide tips on what you can be doing to support your child with this particular strategy.

My 100Words/High Frequency Words/ Oxford Words/Personal Words:
Please remember to encourage your child to practise reading and writing their high frequency words on a daily basis. When a student is able to read and write words fluently and automatically it frees them up to focus on other things in their reading and writing.

Thank you  

Jane St Clair.

School Phone: 03 54433537