Room 02

Welcome to Room 2

Room 2D is situated in the quadrangle and is one of the Grade 1/2 classes this year at Quarry Hill Primary School. We are made up of six Grade 2 students 17 Grade 1 students!

Within the Grade 1/2 unit our main focus in the classroom is Literacy and Numeracy. Skills that are developed through our Literacy block include daily reading practice, shared reading, guided reading rotations, writing and handwriting practice. Our Numeracy skills will have a focus on number and place value. In addition to this throughout the term we will learn about measurement, geometry and chance and data. For specialists this year the students have Art with Miss Brooke Wilson, Music with Mr. Jeremie Collard, Chinese with Miss Shengjie Wang and PE with Mr. Ross Turner. The Grade 1/2 students have a library session once a week with their classroom teacher. Students also have an extra PE session with their classroom teacher where they have an hour of working on fundamental motor skills through fun activities.

Throughout the week, students will contribute in Circle Time. This is a time where students develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, talking and listening. In Grade 1/2 students get the opportunity to learn and develop ICT skills. Students learn the basic functions of a computer, practice their typing and publish work during an hourly session each week.

Throughout the term we will be investigating sustainability and the environment around us. We will be looking at ways we can look after our environment, the differences between environments and explore how we can be sustainable. Our guiding questions will include; if the environment wrote a report on me, what would it say? How can we leave a tiny footprint as we move through our world? How might experiments improve our lives?

Our blog page will keep you up to date with what we are getting up to each week. Check it out and leave us a comment, we love reading them

Important dates for Term 2:

14th April Prep-2 Reading Information Session
20th April Prep-2 Author Incursion
21st April Stephen Graham Visit
22nd April PFA Pizza Lunch
25th April ANZAC Day (Public holiday)
5th May School Photos

6th MayMother’s Day Stall
20th May Education Week Concert & Classroom Activity
24th June Last day of Term 2

Come and visit us in Room 2. We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year!

Miss Davies