Room 03

Welcome to Room 3!  

The students in Room 3 have reflected on their first few weeks of 2016. 

I really liked the first two week back at Room 3 because it’s a great room and I am with everyone I wanted at Q.H.P.S.
I really did enjoy working with friends and people at my table and the homework because I can work with my friends on some activities. Although Mr. Harrops dad jokes are horrible, he is a good teacher.

Arkie-Star Mc

Some of the activities I enjoy are reading, art and music. Art is super fun so far since Miss. Wilson gave us paper to write down some suggestions for future activities; it’s good that she included us in deciding on what to do in later lessons. Music is enjoyable with our new teacher Mr. Collard! Learning guitar is really fun so far. Now that I have more time to read, I feel happier and more relaxed.
Jess K

Some of the things I really enjoyed were P.E because we got to do it with the other classes. I also enjoyed the hockey clinic because I love hockey. The P.E was so fun. The hockey clinic was better though.
Ed P

Some of the things I liked were that I got my netbook and that Room 3 were the first performance of the year and Room 3 got to watch that sugar film with Room 9. I also liked playing with some of my friends at lunchtime and recess. I played with my buddy and she was really happy, her name was Charli.
Lucy M

Some of the activities I did enjoy were sports on Fridays because I get to go outside. My favourite sport so far is bat-tennis. I like it because it is sort of tennis but much smaller.
Sam T

I have liked the first two weeks of school because I have learnt more than last year and we do more P.E. and I am happy to get my laptop. Some of the things I do enjoy is getting my netbook, sports and watching the sugar film because it made me not to eat too much sugar and learnt more about sugar.
Zac D

Some of the activities I did enjoy were going into the vegie patch. I liked picking and bagging the tomatoes. They tasted so good. I also enjoyed watching the sugar movie because it was very interesting and getting my netbook was very exciting.
I didn’t enjoy when it was heat because it was hard to learn in the heat. I also didn’t like the ants living in my locker. They were everywhere.
Hannah W