Room 04


Welcome to Room 4 Grade 2

There are 22 students in our grade – 11 girls and 11 boys!
In our classroom we have the Daily 5 literacy block for two hours. This helps to build reading and writing independence and developing students’ literacy skills.
We also work on our numeracy skills daily. Throughout Grade 2 we will cover a variety of topics, with a focus on number.
We use computers and iPads to support and enhance our learning, as well as a variety of other concrete materials.
Room 4 are also involved in additional activities throughout the week. These include:

~ Monday: PE
~ Tuesday: Art and Music
~ Wednesday: Circle Time focus
~ Thursday: Chinese
~ Friday: Whole School Assembly.

At Quarry Hill we are a KidsMatter school. In order to assist students to build their social and emotional intelligence we have been spending time “Creating Our Learning Environment” (C.O.L.E). This means developing a positive classroom atmosphere by establishing rules and routines, getting to know each other and celebrating our individual qualities.

Have a look below at some of the great work we have been doing in the classroom!
Rebekah Peters