Room 06

Welcome to Room 6 Grade 3C!

We are a grade made up of 22 Grade 3 students.
In our classroom we have a daily focus on developing the students’ literacy skills in our two hour Literacy block. Skills are developed through daily reading practice, shared reading, guided reading rotations, writing and handwriting practice.

We also look forward to Maths. Each day we have a focus on number and place value skills. In addition to this throughout the term we will learn about measurement, geometry and chance and data. We use unifix blocks, M.A.B blocks, calculators, counters, tape measures, 2D and 3D shapes, computers and iPads to support and enhance our learning.

To begin Term 1 we have been spending time ‘Creating Our Learning Environment’ (C.O.L.E). This means developing a positive classroom atmosphere by establishing rules and routines, getting to know each other and celebrating our individual qualities. Our Inquiry topic for Term 1 is ‘Indigenous Inspirations.’ In this unit the students explore the significance of community to different cultural groups and investigate Indigenous communities.

Specialist Subject Times in Term 1

Chinese- Tuesday 12.00pm
Art- Wednesday 9.00am
Music- Wednesday 10.00am
PE- Thursday 2.30pm
Library- Friday 12.00pm

Some important dates happening this term:
Thursday February 25th- Pupil Free Day
Monday March 14th- Labour Day Public Holiday
Thursday March 24th- Last Day of Term

Have a look below at some of the great work we have been doing in the classroom! Keep informed with what is happening in our classroom by subscribing to our class blog at the following link:-

It has been a wonderful start to the 2016. We look forward to the year ahead in Grade 3.

Hayley Coates