Room 07


Room 7 is a vibrant, exciting and a buzzing place. The children in this space love working together every day to learn, be challenged, connect and have fun. We ensure that our learning caters to our varied needs, providing us with a range of experiences that are hands on and student centred.

In Prep an emphasis is placed on developing a love of learning, social independence through the development of friendships and use of social courtesies and organisational skills such as packing up and looking after one’s own belongings.

Each day we engage in structured Literacy sessions where we learn about reading and writing. Children consolidate their understanding of single letter sounds, and begin to blend these into words when writing. They listen for and write sounds in words and work on developing a sight word bank.

We also take part in structured Numeracy sessions where we learn about number, counting, shape and measurement and most importantly how maths relates to our world.

Term 1

Inquiry – This term our Inquiry is ‘Creating Our Learning Environment,’ followed by ‘Classroom Communities Care’ Students consider their homes and school as their communities. They begin to understand that they are learners in a learning community. They appreciate that there are benefits and responsibilities when part of a community.

Our Specialist classes are:

Music with Ms Susan Steele
Art with Miss Brooke Wilson
Physical Education with Mr Ross Turner
Chinese with Miss Shengjie Wang

Please feel free to drop by our room anytime.

Brad Shepherd