Room 10A

  Welcome to Room 10A

Room 9 is a 5/6 classroom with 23 students. Eddy DIckins works four days a week and Erica Dempster one day. We have had an exciting beginning to the year getting to know each other, establishing routines and building our leadership skills. Our next area of learning is based around our community. We have already visited our local cemetery to complete a scavenger hunt. In this activity we found out lots about the history of people in Bendigo. We also recently visited the South Bendigo Bowls Club where they taught us the basics of lawn bowling.
This year students have Art with Miss Brooke Wilson, Music with Mr. Jeremie Collard, Chinese with Miss Shengjie Wang and PE with Mr. Ross Turner. Students have a library session on a Monday where they are able to borrow and return books. Grade 5/6 students get together on Fridays for Sport. Currently students can choose between bat tennis, cricket and T-Ball.

All Grade 5/6 students participate in our 1-1 Netbook program. Many of our classroom activities involve the integration of technology to further enhance learning outcome. This year we will be focusing on students working collaboratively online as well as using email and blogs as a form of communication. In the near future you will be able to ask the students to show you their blogs to demonstrate their learning.

In the meantime have a look at our class blog. It will have photos and writing about a variety of the things we have been doing. Check it out and leave us a comment, we love reading them!

We welcome you anytime to come and visit us! Come in, have a look at some of the work and a chat to the students.