Room 12A

Welcome to Room 12A!

12A is one of three Grade 5/6 classes consisting of 21 students.
Within the Grade 5/6 unit we have a major focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Every student participates in a minimum of one hour a day of reading, writing and mathematics, as well as specialist activities every week. This year students have Art with Miss Brooke Wilson, Music with Mr. Jeremie Collard, Chinese with Miss Sheng Wang and PE with Mr. Ross Turner. In addition, the Grade 5/6 students have a library session once a week with their classroom teacher where they are able to borrow and return books.

Grade 6 students participate in a wellbeing program using circus skills to enhance both social and leadership skills. Grade 5 students work regularly with their Prep buddies to assist in their smooth transition to primary school.
All Grade 5/6 students participate in our 1-1 Netbook program. Many of our classroom activities involve the integration of technology to further enhance learning outcome. This year we will be focusing on students working collaboratively online as well as using email and blogs as a form of communication.

In Term 1, the Grade 5/6 students are establishing their classroom routines and procedures during the COLE (Creating our Learning Environment) program. We are also working on a unit of work Government – Get it? Got it? Good! During this unit we will focus on communities and what it means to be part of a community as well as a leader in our school community. We are also investigating federation, democracy and law making.

Our blog page will keep you up to date with what we are doing to each week. Check it out and leave us a comment, we love reading them!

Please feel free to come in Room 12A and view the wonderful work students are completing or just come and say hello.
With a wonderful start to the year already, we are looking forward to many exciting learning opportunities in 2016.

                                                 Sarah Edwards