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  • Curriculum Day - Monday October 5th
  • Return Day - Tuesday October 6th
  • Pick Up/Drop off - Normal Times, 8:50 and 3:30. Parents still not allowed on site
  • Room Changes - Ms McIntyre’s & Ms Tzaros’ class will share the multipurpose room. Mrs Somerville’s/Mr Turner’s will be located in Room 7

Dear Quarry Hill Community,

Here we are only a couple of days away from the end of Term Three.  With amazing and ongoing support from families, students and staff, we have almost managed to navigate our way through the second bout of Remote and Flexible Learning.
Last night information came through that regional and rural schools in Victoria will return to onsite learning from the beginning of Term 4.  
Please note that we have a previously arranged Curriculum Day (pupil free day) on Monday October 5th, so Quarry Hill students will not return to school until Tuesday October 6th.
The following dot pointed information is similar to that which was shared when we returned to onsite learning last time:

  • Pick up and drop off times will be normal for all students i.e. 8.50am and 3.30pm. We ask that these times are not pushed out and that children are dropped off and collected at these times. This helps us monitor sanitising as children enter the school ground/classroom. To help with physical distancing, students are asked to continue entering and exiting via the gates they were using when they returned to onsite learning during Term 2.  (P-2 via Peel Street, 3/4s via Harkness Street and 5/6s via Malcolm Street. Siblings can enter via the one entrance.  P-2s will be dismissed from the basketball court area at the end of the day. Parents waiting to collect children will be required to wear a mask and physically distance from others.)
  • Parents will still not be allowed onsite at this stage, including visits to the office. Please ring the school on 54433537 if you have any questions.
  • Drop off and collection by parents for Before and After School Care will continue as usual. Camp Australia will transition students to their classrooms in the morning.
  • All students must have their own drink bottles. The bubble taps will still be out of action. Children are permitted to refill their drink bottles throughout the day as required. Please have these clearly named. It would be very beneficial for children to have two drink bottles if at all possible to replace those that are lost.
  • Our playground will be fully operational during school hours. Weather permitting, Bushland will also be available for teachers to take students to work and play.  The playground, including the basketball court, remains closed out of school hours.
  • Hand sanitising and hand washing will continue to be an important part of our routine. Our P-2 students will need to sanitise as they come on-site. Our grades 3-6 students will continue to sanitise as they enter their classrooms.
  • Any member of staff or student who is unwell must not attend school onsite. Contact details of families (as well as emergency contacts) need to be up-to-date. Please contact the school on 54433537 if any of these details have changed. This is very important.

We are super excited to welcome our children back to onsite learning.  Schools are quite spooky without the movement, chatter and laughter they bring. The term will probably still look different to what we would normally expect Term 4 to look like, but we will endeavour to make the term as enjoyable as we can for our students within the parameters that we are given. 
To add to the busyness and complexity of the term, I found out yesterday that work is about to begin on the quadrangle roof!  We met with the contractors today to discuss the process.  To allow work to proceed in an orderly fashion (roof restoration and internal room repairs), the following room changes will occur from Day 1 of Term 4:

  • Ms McIntyre’s Grade P/1 class and Ms Tzaros’ Grade P/1 class will share the Multipurpose Room space until the external and internal works are completed in Rooms 1 and 2. Bonnie and Maria will team teach in this large space.
  • Mrs Somerville’s/Mr Turner’s Grade 3/4 class will move to Room 7 until Room 4 is completed.

Other room changes will happen for other classes in the quadrangle during the course of the term. The timeline will depend on the time it takes for the other work to be completed. Affected families will be informed closer to the time that the work is to commence.
Noise and dust will be a factor for all students, particularly those in the rooms in the quadrangle area and the 12A and 12B portables.  If your child is sensitive to these factors, please be prepared. If you have any questions or concerns please ring the school on 54433537. 
It is also hoped that our new P-2 playground will commence shortly.  It will be great to get this project underway too.  
There will be lots of activity happening across the school.  It will be ‘short term pain for long term gain’ I’m afraid. Thank you for your understanding.
Book Week has been rescheduled to now be celebrated from 17th – 23rd of October. This is our third week back onsite.  We will still have a Book Week dress up day and parade on Thursday October 22nd. (Please note, Friday October 23rd is the Grand Final Public Holiday).  At this stage, it is unlikely that parents will be allowed onsite, however, we don’t want the children to miss out on this experience.  We will film the parade and make it available on our website for families to enjoy.  This year’s theme is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. You have a whole month to get your fantastic ideas for a costume in place and the hot glue gun fired up!  I can’t wait to see the results.   We will also have a number of the shortlisted books being read by some of our parents up on the website too.  This should be lots of fun as a lot of thought, effort and practise has gone into these readings.  I will let everyone know when these are uploaded. 
School Photos have been rescheduled to occur on Monday October 19th. For those of you with children in Years 1-6, you will notice a big difference given it will be well over 12 months since last year’s photos.  Some children will have lost teeth and had new teeth grow during that time!  More information will come out about this early next term.
Other information pertaining to other Term 4 activities will be shared early next term. Luci has already included some of the key dates on the newsletter and Poppet Head Blast.
Just a reminder that the term concludes this Friday, September 18th  at 2.30pm. 
Hopefully now that restrictions have eased you will have the opportunity to catch up with family and friends over the break.  The warmer weather will allow for more outside activities which also helps with important physical distancing etc. It will nice to be able to move more freely.
Please continue to stay healthy and safe. If any further information comes to hand regarding any changes, I will let you know.

Kind regards



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