School Profile


Located in Peel, Street, Bendigo, in close proximity to the CBD, Quarry Hill Primary School serves an older, well-established residential area. Established on its current site in 1910, the school’s traditional red brick building features a unique quadrangle design that provides easy access and interaction between classrooms. The school has a current enrolment of 365 pupils.

The Quarry Hill school community has determined a set of values which guide all aspects of our work.


Quarry Hill Primary School’s purpose is:

To provide a creative and nurturing learning environment that enables everyone to achieve their personal best.


Our Values are:

Kind, Curious & Brave


Our School wide expectations include:-

  • Do your best
  • Help others succeed
  • Respect your environment


The school is regarded highly in the education and wider community because of:


Our shared, espoused values;
Our encouragement of children to achieve their personal best;
Our whole school focus on fostering confidence, self-esteem, health and well being;
Our commitment to the valuing and inclusion of all students, particularly those with special needs;
Our focus on personalised learning, reflective practices and on children taking increasing responsibility for their learning;
Our commitment to continuous improvement in teaching and learning – our teachers are learners, too;
Our high levels of parental input and support - which is a significant factor in contributing to the success of children’s learning;
Our range of support and extension programs designed to engage and challenge students.



The school community is strongly committed to the provision of a safe, caring, and harmonious educational environment. Children share responsibility for creating our learning and social environments and are supported to demonstrate positive behaviours through our values education program.

Various strategies are in place to provide opportunities for students from across the range of year levels to work together, including a highly successful Prep Buddies programs and curriculum-based cross-age programs.

Our school’s physical layout, in which classrooms are located around a central quadrangle, fosters a strong sense of safety and security, as well as providing a common area for whole school assemblies and activities.

Quarry Hill Primary School takes a serious stance on the issue of bullying. As with all issues affecting students’ sense of well being, instances of bullying are dealt with in a holistic manner and all concerned are encouraged to reflect, take ownership of the situation and restore damaged relationships. Our Wellbeing & Engagement policy and particularly our Bullying policy, ensure that parents are informed participants in all wellbeing processes.