Meet the Principal

School CaptainsA warm welcome to Quarry Hill Primary School where: EVERY CHILD MATTERS. I am enormously proud and honoured to be the principal of this wonderful school and value, like all our staff, the opportunity to play such an important role in the individual development of every one of our children.


At Quarry Hill Primary School we are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students by implementing Inclusive Education Practices that focus on each individual student's point of need. Our values of Kind, Curious and Brave reflect our culture of belonging. We take pride in the growing diversity of our school and providing a climate of respect and acceptance for everyone is of the utmost importance.


We have an unrelenting passion for empowering young people to be engaged learners, however we believe that academic achievement should be intertwined with social-emotional learning. Central to our success in curriculum is the work we do behind the scenes to build student connectedness, resilience and confidence through our wellbeing programs including Rights and Respect Relationships as well as using the Berry Street Educational Model.

Our grounds, including our bushland dreaming is a natural gem providing our students with opportunities to actively interact with our natural environment, and best of all - play, build and get dirty! We encourage children to play with sticks, build cubbies, dig in the dirt and work together to achieve unimaginable feats during their lunch breaks.

I look forward to working with you for the benefit of your children. We pride ourselves on the development of strong relationships and recognise the importance of solid partnerships between home and school so we can work collaboratively to ensure that the educational, physical and emotional needs of every child are met.


Anne Rochford.

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