Foundation - Grade 2


In the Early Years at Quarry Hill Primary School we lay the foundations for:

  • Building resilience, respectful relationships and active problem solving through programs, such as, Circle Time and You Can Do It. Our social and emotional initiatives complement our whole school KidsMatter Framework.





  • Critical and creative thinking through open-ended investigations in Maths, Science and Digital Technologies, such as, coding with Bee Bots and Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM).





Students develop social and emotional strategies beginning with the Buddies Program that commences in your child’s Foundation year. Towards the end of the junior years, the Grade 2 students participate in an overnight sleepover as a way of celebrating their successes in their early years of learning.

We develop lifelong learners with deep levels of thinking and reflection through our daily Literacy, Numeracy and Science programs.  We host a variety of incursions and attend excursions that align with our learning programs.