Grade 5 & 6

Our Grade 5/6 curriculum features a BYOD (bring your own device) program for all students. This program is designed to ensure all students have guaranteed access to the world of resources and materials on the web. It also provides them with their own individual device to share, collaborate and communicate with other students. This fosters engagement and supports individual students to personalise their learning.


Our students spend time engaged in explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy as well as exploring concepts and ideas through our inquiry topics. Google Classroom is used across the 5/6 area, which allows students to access, create and submit their learning tasks online and receive timely feedback from their teachers.


Grade 5 students enjoy participating in activities with their Grade Prep buddies on a weekly basis during Term 1, while our Grade 6 students explore concepts of leadership and qualities of a successful leader.


Student voice is a big part of our program. Students are given the opportunity to have a say in how their classroom runs and are involved in tailoring learning programs to their needs. This is done through weekly class meetings, regular feedback to teachers and our Junior School Council program. Grade 6 students are encouraged to take on leadership roles around the school including; school captain, house captains and peer mediators.


Our students have the opportunity to be involved in many extra-curricular programs including; sporting activities, music lessons and Energy Breakthrough.


The Grade 5/6 students participate in a camps program each year. One year the students are involved in an adventure camp in Anglesea and the alternate year, an urban experience in Melbourne.


Quarry Hill Primary School works closely with feeder secondary schools to ensure a smooth, positive transition with our Grade 6 students into secondary school.


The Grade 6 students are involved in a special graduation night where they sit down to a meal and present a dance to their parents. In addition to this each student receives their graduation certificate and photo. Special awards are also presented to students for excellence across a range of curriculum areas.



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