Music is offered to all students at Quarry Hill Primary School.


Prep to Grade 2 students are taught using a Kodaly and Orff based program, with lots of music games and singing activities to teach concepts of music. Tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments are also used in class activities to reinforce the musical concepts learnt through singing.


Grade 3 and 4 are extended in their understanding of melodic musical concepts by learning the recorder as well as extending their rhythmic skills by learning more complex rhythms and incorporating these into their own compositions.


Grade 5 and 6 students are taught the guitar, focusing on how chordal harmony is used in music as well as learning simple melody lines.  Music based ICT programs are also used in exploring the concepts of looping and sound manipulation techniques used in 21 century music production.


All year levels listen to different styles of recorded music focusing on the elements of music such as tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture and tone. 


Private music tuition in piano and guitar is offered to any interested students. 


Every second year there is a musical production by the students from Prep to Grade 6.


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