Mandarin – Chinese is the LOTE program delivered at Quarry Hill Primary School from Prep to Grade Six.


In junior years, students are exposed to Chinese traditions and culture through story-telling and viewing of pictures and videos. They learn simple vocabularies, phrases and sentences from songs and games to express themselves.


In the middle years, students expand their vocabulary bank to create short sentences. They practise Chinese characters by taking notes to familiarise with the character strokes and structures.


In senior years, students further strengthen and comprehend their learning via class discussions and cultural activities such as making dumplings, practising the use of chopsticks and experiencing Tai Chi.


Every year, Quarry Hill Primary School provides the Grade 5-6 students an opportunity to an Over Seas Learning Experience (OSLE) where they tour around Shanghai and visit their sister school Wencui Primary School in Suzhou to experience being a student in China.


In return, Quarry Hill Primary School hosts a group of Wencui Primary School students and their teacher for eight weeks every year in Term 4. Our students and families open up their homes to welcome the Chinese visitors to embark on a joyous and fruitful journey of language and culture learning for both parties.

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