Grade 3-4 Wellbeing Program

Year 3-4 Bounce Back!


In the middle years, Quarry Hill Primary School teaches the Bounce Back! program, a wellbeing and resilience class-based program for children and young people. Students in Years 3 and 4 participate in regular lessons. The following units are covered throughout the school year.

  • Core values: developing positive and pro-social values
  • Elasticity: introducing ‘resilience’ through maths and science activities
  • People Bouncing Back: developing strategies for coping and bouncing back
  • Courage: finding courage in both everyday life and difficult circumstances
  • Looking on the bright side: teaching optimistic thinking
  • Emotions: amplifying positive emotions and managing negative emotions
  • Relationships: skills for building and maintaining friendships
  • Humour as a coping skill
  • No bullying: skills for countering bullying
  • Success (STAR, CHAMP, WINNERS): skills and attitudes for being successful

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