School Council



By constitution, this body consists of:

  • Seven elected parent representatives
  • One QHPS Community representative, which is a co-opted position
  • Three elected school  staff (currently employed) and the Principal

Elected members are on Council for a two year period with half of those members’ terms expiring on alternate years.


The School Council is responsible for general policy and curriculum development and implementation, financial management and buildings/grounds maintenance.  School Council is not responsible for operational matters involving the day-to-day running of the school.


Quarry Hill Primary School operates with three key committees that oversee implementation of the Strategic Plan – Student Learning, Wellbeing & Engagement and Transition & Pathways. In addition we have an Environment, Science & Sustainability Committee, ICT Committee and an Accountability and Management (Finance) Committee.


Elections are held during March each year.


Meetings are currently held at school on the evening of the second Monday of each month. All parents are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings; however the right to vote is restricted to the 2019 membership as outlined below.


2019 Office Bearers

President:  Joan O'Brien

Vice President: Michelle Grose
Executive Officer: Jo Menzel


Minute Secretary:Jessica Ireland


DET Members

Anne Rochford

Sam McCloud

Narelle Jones


Parent Members

Scott Langan

Carlene Egan

Hamish Riley

Meeting Review May 2019