Child Safe Standards

Quarry Hill’s Child-Friendly Child Safe Standards

  • Standard 1: Child safety is everything to us. A school without safe children is no school at all!

    At QHPS we address this through the school’s leadership structure: Principal, QHPS – key roles in wellbeing and engagement. We also employ a Wellbeing Worker three days a fortnight.

  • Standard 2: We walk the talk. Read our policy here!

    At QHPS we have a statement of commitment to child safety in our school philosophy. We have other related policies: Mandatory Reporting, Child Safe Policy, Volunteers Policy and Code of Conduct, Student Wellbeing and Engagement policy, Inclusion policy.

  • Standard 3: We have a code of conduct that all adults working here have signed. Read it here

    At QHPS this is part of our Staff Handbook and Induction, we have a sign in point for all volunteers, visitors and external providers. Our parent volunteers also sign a code of conduct.

  • Standard 4: We carefully choose the best staff, we train them well and we keep bettering ourselves to keep you safe.

    At QHPS we do this through HR processes (recruitment online), panel processes, WWC’s recorded on file and regularly checked, ongoing PD, induction for new staff.

  • Standard 5: If something goes wrong, we will not waste any time in helping you and your fellow students.

At QHPS we do this through mandatory reporting policy and processes.

  • Standard 6: We keep looking around to minimise and prevent any risks to your safety.

    At QHPS this is addressed through risk assessments completed for all excursions/camps viewed by School Council subcommittee, OHS risk assessments completed as per requirements, Duty of Care Policy, Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy.

  • Standard 7: We teach you ways to grow and thrive and improve in your learning and in your relationships with others.

We believe in the importance of your voice. We have a Student Voice Scope and Sequence. Everyone has a say.

Parents and carers may find the following resources useful. 

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