School Grounds

Quarry Hill Primary has some wonderful outdoor learning and play spaces avaliable for the students to use.

The Eco Shed and Bushland is a wonderful outdoor learning area located at the back of the school. This environmentally friendly learning space is used by classroom teachers and students alike for a variety of activities including science exploration, environmental investigations, classroom meetings, art sessions, staff meetings, team building activities and developmental play amongst an array of construction materials. It is surrounded by a large bush area which includes a fire pit and an amphitheatre.


The Junior and Senior playgrounds are located on the Malcolm Street side of the school.

The Junior playground is for Prep - Grade 2.
Senior playground is for
Grade 3 - 6
 The school has a Senior and a Junior astroturf area.
The Junior astro turf is used for Prep - Grade 2 students to play ball activities on during lunch and recess and is used at other times for classroom sports and music lessons.




The Senior astro turf is located on the Harkness Street side of the school. This area is for Grade 3 - 6 during lunch and recess and is used for PE.

Other play areas include a rock climbing wall and sandpit behind the multipurpose building.



The school also has a chicken coop and vegetable garden. A Garden Club is held each week at lunchtime where students are invited to assist with the upkeep of these areas. All produce sold is returned back into generating more crops and feeding the chickens.