Quarry Hill Primary School understands that the BYOD Program may be a financial burden on some families.

For families opting to not participate in the BYOD Program, the school will have limited devices available which will provide students with access at school to technology however not on a 1:1 basis. These devices will be available to use during school hours but will not be sent home with children.


Purchasing Options


This device may be purchased at any place of choice, however, the school offers a purchasing option through Learning With Technologies (LWT). If the device is purchased through LWT it will be delivered to the school. Once the initial set up of the device has been completed, your child will then be able to begin using the device. LWT also offers an onsite warranty, insurance and accessories.


There are several options available for purchasing through LWT:

  • You may purchase the device outright
  • There are several options for payment including Credit Card, Paypal, Bpay and you can also place an order and pay later. There is also an option to buy with finance.
  • Fixed monthly payments on lease terms that suit your budget
  • LWT offer well priced insurance that give Accidental Damage protection with quick repair times.
  • LWT also has a dedicated BYOD hotline for families if you have any questions regarding payment, ordering or other enquiries on 1300 839 605


How to Order

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