Safety & Routines

Routines at home

It is important to establish rules, routines and set expectations at home around use of devices. When establishing these expectations think about these questions and how it will best suit your family.

  • When and where is the device to be used at home?
  • How much time will be spent using the device at home?
  • What will the device be used for during this time?
  • Where is the device stored when it is not in use?
  • Who is responsible for charging the device each night?
  • What happens if these rules are broken at home?

We recommend that you regularly monitor your child’s usage and time spent on their device.


eSafety is often defined as the safe and responsible use of technology. This includes the use of the internet and also other means of communication using electronic media (eg text messages, gaming devices, email etc). It is important that our students know how to be safe and responsible users and have the skills and knowledge to make appropriate choices when faced with online challenges.

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