Is the program compulsory?

Grade 5/6 students are highly recommended to participate in the program 

Grade 3/4 are encouraged to participate in the program.

What happens if I choose not to participate in the program?

Your child will have access to the schools current shared technology at a ratio of 1:3.



Student Learning


How much time will my child spend using their device each day?

The device will complement the existing school curriculum to provide appropriate learning tools in balance with more traditional learning tools. Students will use their device when it serves a `purpose, the curriculum will not be changed to extend use of devices. As with any learning experience, teachers are best placed to decide which tool is most effective in meeting the intended learning outcome. It is our belief that a well-rounded approach to education involves a balanced access to a variety of tools.


How can BYOD improve learning?

By having their own device students have greater access to real-time information, digital learning resources, educational software and collaborative workspaces. This assists students to experience higher levels of motivation and engagement in their learning. Students display improvement in organisational and technological skills. Through the use of multimedia presentations, students experience improvement in presentation and speaking skills. Tasks involving collaboration and communication, improve relationships within the classroom through a greater level of interaction between students, their peers and teachers. A networked environment, where it is easy to share work and research with peers and teachers, is the environment students will live and work in during secondary school and the future.


How will BYOD be used in the classroom?

  • Researching topics and information needed to support learning in the classroom.
  • Reading online from a variety of different platforms.
  • Learning effective typing skills by using typing tutors.
  • Developing collaboration and teamwork skills using a variety of applications in the Google Suite.
  • Developing critical thinking skills through accessing multiple sources of information.
    Learning how to be a positive digital citizen and developing eSmart skills and strategies.
  • Exploring, sharing and developing a range of multimedia skills including; animations, mind mapping, digital video and image creation, drawing and painting, 3D modelling and game-making, presentation and multimedia tools and sound and music making.
  • Exploring programming and coding skills through a variety of tools.
  • Online interactive activities to supplement Literacy and Mathematics programs.
    Completing assessment tasks and NAPLAN online.
  • Supporting additional digital devices and resources to enhance the Digital Technologies Curriculum.

Will learning outcomes be evaluated differently? Students will be evaluated against the Victorian Curriculum. The devices complement the existing school curriculum by and by providing digital learning tools the link in with classroom activities.
Will the device be required for homework?
  No. Though students may choose to use the device to complete homework, any homework set will not require the device to complete it.

How does my child save work?  This depends on what work we are talking about. Students will be able to keep their work on their devices as they are a personal device. Students will be able to share / save some tasks and work on our school servers as well. We predominately have students save their work to Google Drive.
What happens if a student leaves their device at home? If you are not participating in the BYOD program your child will have access to the school’s existing technology to support their learning.

What if I don't sign the Agreement? Parents/carers and students are required to sign the Agreement and Cyber safety Agreement regarding the acceptable use of internet and equipment. If this Agreement is not signed and returned the student will not be able to participate in the BYOD program.
Will the students still be writing? Yes they will! Students will still be expected to draft all writing pieces and to develop their handwriting. However, they will also be improving on their typing and skills. 


Technical and Device Issues


Will I have to buy a new device every year?  No. The device will last students from Grade 3 to the end of Grade 6 if properly cared for.


Who is responsible for BYOD devices?

The BYOD device is the reponsibility of the family. The cost of loss or repairs to the BYOD device will be the responsibility of the family.

Won’t students be able to ‘cheat’ by using the spell checker? Spell checker is a tool to allow students immediate feedback on the correct spelling of words they use. It supplements our existing school spelling program, but does not replace it.

Can the students print from their devices? Yes, the students will be able to print to selected devices. However, we will be encouraging students to ‘think before you print.

What happens if I don't have a device?
Students will return to the default of using the shared devices available in their learning area.

Can my child use their device at recess and lunchtime at school?

Students are not permitted to take their devices into the school yard at recess or lunchtime for any reason. Students do have the opportunity to participate in Computer club throughout the week.

How often should a device be charged? It is expected that students will bring their device to school fully-charged each day. It is recommended that the devices are charged overnight prior to each school day.

Will they be doing word processing?
Yes, there will be times that students will use this device for word processing.

Will the battery last all day?

All selected devices will last all day with no problems. It is expected that devices are brought to school fully charged each day. There will NOT be charging facilities at school for your device. This reinforces to the students the importance of being responsible for your device and ensuring you are prepared for each day of learning.

Does the device need to have a cover?

Yes, all devices must have a protective case.

Is the device insured?

Insurance is an optional extra which can be purchased on the portal, although we do encourage all families to purchase the 3 Year Onsite Warranty. Alternatively, like with any high ticket item it is wise to include your child’s device as a nominated item on your house and contents insurance policy. Please check your policy to see what cover you may be entitled to.

What if there is a virus on the device?

The student will need to notify their teacher as soon as possible to log the issue. If a virus occurs, devices will be re-imaged and returned to original settings as a first response. The school will copy and replace any student files. The school is not obliged to save any personal data or photos that are not part of school work. It would be advisable to make regular home backups.

Will students be able to use social media on their device?

Users of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat, MUST be 13 years of age, therefore students should not be using social media on the device. All social media sites are blocked at school.

What happens if inappropriate apps or music are on the BYOD?

If school staff notice that inappropriate apps or music are on the device, the parent will be contacted and asked to remove the inappropriate material. Educational applications will be considered the priority on the device and the school reserve the right to request information which does not support educational outcome be removed if it impedes the tool’s intended purpose or is taking up too much space on the device.


Inappropriate use of a device?

In the situation where a student breaks the Agreement for safe and appropriate use of their device, there will be consequences as set out in the Agreement.




How can my child protect the device from accidental damage?

All devices should be carried to and from school in a protective case/bag and used with due care. Students are instructed not to leave devices on the floor and used around food and water.  Students should find a safe place to store their device at home so that it is inaccessible by small children and difficult to locate in the event of a burglary.  Do not throw your school bag as this could damage your device.

Should I update the software on the recommended device?

The windows operating system and virus software will be updated via the school systems.

What happens if the device is lost, stolen or damaged?

You will need to pay all associated costs, in other words it is the owners responsibility. The school will not be held responsible for any damage or theft of your device. We highly recommend you take out insurance on the device.

Will my child’s internet usage be monitored at school?

The school has an internet filtering system that aims to stop inappropriate material reaching the students. Teachers are also regularly supervising student usage and behaviour online. Students will also be provided online cyber safety education regularly throughout the year.

Will my child have to share their device?

No. students will only use their own personal device. Students may work in pairs or small groups, but they will only ever use their personal device.

Recommendations for Home

Who is responsible for Internet safety at home?

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure they have protected network and effective internet protocols and environment at home.

Who is responsible for home configurations?

The parent/s or guardian will be responsible for home network connectivity and user preferences.

Can a family member use the device when it is at home?

The device is owned by the student/family and can be used when and how they choose in their home environment


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