Quarry Hill Primary School Expo

Quarry Hill Primary School has held it's inaugural Information Expo.

The Expo was held in the Quadrangle on February 27th from 5:00-6:00pm.

The expo itself was a great success.

In response to the school community partnership work undertaken last year, we held our very first Information Expo just prior to our Welcome Back Picnic on Thursday February 27th.

The expo covered information relating to the four broad themes that were identified from our community consultations i.e. Operations, Teaching and Learning, Culture and Wellbeing and Communication.

The expo was set up in the quadrangle and ran from 5.00pm through until 6.00pm.

Fourteen stalls were operated on the night that provided extra information about:
  • School Council,
  • PFA,
  • Camps and Excursions,
  • Compass and Administration,
  • Student Wellbeing,
  • Literacy,
  • Numeracy,
  • The Arts (including School Production),
  • Community Voice,
  • Community Skills/Interests Database,
  • Kitchen Garden Program,
  • Assessment and Reporting,
  • Student Leadership,
  • Intervention,
  • Cultural Awareness
  • and LOTE (Chinese)


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