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Ferdi Updates: Ferdi has been really busy, videos within for Checking In with Ferdi

Attention Parents
, due to the arrival of the schools brand new working dog named Ferdi, you will be unable to bring dogs onto the grounds of the school. This is to ensure a safe environment for our new pal Ferdi.

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Check In with Ferdi #4

Check In with Ferdi #3

Check In with Ferdi #2

Check In with Ferdi #1

To the attention of Parents and friends of Quarry Hill Primary School. We are to now have a special friend attending our school. He goes by the name of Ferdi. is a special person as he is our brand new worker dog. Ferdi is a part of the Dogs Connect Program as was explained by Grant at the session held on Wednesday February 19th. 

As of Thursday February 20th, Ferdi will have been slowly introduced to the school in a very controlled environment. This is to get him accustomed to the noises and smells and behaviours on offer at the school. If a child has any fears or anxiety concerning the dog, they will not be expected to interact with him.  

With Ferdi's arrival there are some new expectations in regards to animals on the school grounds. No longer will animals be able to be brought into the school. They will need to remain outside the school perimetre. If you typically walk your dog to school then we ask that you arrange to meet your child outside the school gate with your dog. This is due to us training Ferdi as a working dog.

Signs will be going up on fences near the main entry points of the school.
Shown Below is what the signs will look like. 

We encourage families to view more information on the Dogs Connect Program by visiting: Dogs Connect


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